Bogen Today and Tomorrow (My World and Welcome To It 23)

A very curious sensation. Post Poem Depression. This afternoon I turned in the manuscript, All of the Above: New and Selected Poems, 1975-2015. I have worked on the project for about two and a half years. Choosing the “best of” from ten books, giving myself permission to finish or fix the poems that might have been published but still itched that they needed work.  Noon-ish today I met with Kate Gale at Red Hen press to turn in the manuscript and discuss business.  Suddenly I became awash in despair when I left the office. I have never had children so cannot attest to the accuracy of the emotion but Post Poem depression seems to be a lot like what I imagine Post Partum depression to be.

The book will be out in Spring 2016. Much work to still be done: setting up readings, getting radio jobs when it comes out.   Yes, I’m happy but I’m also feeling sort of lost. 141 pages of New and Selected. Speaking of hills of beans……..



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