Bogen Today and Tomorrow (My World and Welcome to It 24)

Made it to October, whew. It is all downhill now. As long as I have air conditioning and some decent tunes listen to and a pad of paper and pen (more like many pads of paper and pens), I’m good.

Once a month in my master class instead of our usual format, we choose a topic that the group agree they want study or learn more about. Today it was the Elegy.

While I steeled myself for the usual pain and suffering that went beyond understanding, I was startled by some contemporary elegiac poems, such as Sharon Olds’ poem for Ruth Stone ¬†(Suddenly) which crackled with life and humor. Or W.S.Merwin’s Elegy for a Walnut Tree, which unfolded with such ¬†serene intent that I knew could stand anything that the universe hurled at me if need be. And would endure.

Well, just checking in tonight.

Brief, I know. But I’ve got some writing to do.

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