Bogen Today and Tomorrow (My World and Welcome to It 25)

Welcome to January 2015. Welcome to a new journal to fill up with scribbles, students to meet, readings to give or listen to. In other words, time to get back on the stick with life.  What have I been doing since October one might ask? Avoiding Avoiding Avoiding.

Avoiding turning older — 65 next birthday, how that happened I do not know. I’m sensitive about it too. On Christmas — while I love my family / they mean very very much to me — it seemed like everyone was giving me beauty presents. It made the weird part in my brain turn on and tell me — wow you must look really bad.

And then I beat myself up for being superficial and not grateful for the family I do have. And  then remind myself of the fact that they want me around should be enough.  Ooohh foo, can I ever get it right? I am my own worst enemy I know: bad Laurel bad!!

This weekend I made 2 necklaces, a 3-strand bracelet (which I had to destroy for parts because the clasp was broken) and 9 pairs of earrings. Oh and I began a new poem too. 2015 Let’s Get the Party Started.


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