Bogen Today and Tomorrow (My World and Welcome to It 30)

OK, I bet you thought you would never hear from me again. SURPRISE!! I have returned from the dead. I’ll be brief. I scared myself as the days ticked by until the new book, Psychosis in the Produce Department, which had been looming in the distant future was suddenly upon me. It had been accepted for publication approximately 6 years ago and, well even the most patient of souls found that the lead time seemed a long long away. Ladies and Gentlemen, the book will be out on April 8th, and the publication party will be a splendid occasion at Beyond Baroque. Come one / Come all. The book has all my favorite poems from 1975-2015. You like Rat City? It’s here. Origami: The Unfolding Heart? Yup. What about Havana? Mom and the Goldfish? Kisses I Remember? Yup yup yup.

As I call it All Bogen All the Time. 181 Pages of Poetry, old favorites and some you have never seen before. And, on top of that, thanks to Harlan Steinberg and Michael C Ford, some of the poems have QR codes and should you place your Smart phone on them you will hear my own voice reading those poems. Cool, eh?

Sometimes even the most seasoned writer is plagued with self-doubt. Count me in. However, as of today, I say begone!! My grandmother used to say when I was a girl “give it a hit and keep on going” and then she would hit her leg. I was never exactly sure what that meant but it seemed to be an affirmation not to give up or give in to weakness or despair. So Grandma, I am hitting my leg and saying I’m ready to go.

You want to go with me??

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