Bogen Today and Tomorrow (My World and Welcome to It 33)

So much has happened since ‘ere I have blogged. For one, the world lost Gene Wilder. Why does this matter? you ask. Well, it matters a lot to me because he saved my life once when I thought there was no reason to live. That is it in a nutshell. I wrote a prose poem performance piece entitled Gene Wilder Saved My Life (Woman Tells All) that can be found — if you are interested — in my book, Psychosis in the Produce Department: New and Selected Poems, 1975-2015. Of course, he did not literally knock a revolver out of my hand, pull me from a burning building or sacrifice himself on my behalf. But he had this thing, this kindness and wisdom in his eyes, something wild and brilliant and truly, I loved him.

Someone once said that intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac. I would take it further: I would say that creativity is the ultimate aphrodisiac (with an intelligence chaser). So write on, create on, be brave and be wild. Become your own Gene Wilder. Your own Leo Bloom or Willy Wonka. And start that revolution. But not without me.

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