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There is an opening available in my Sunday Master Class that meets in West Los Angeles each week from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. If interested, please email me at labogen@verizon.net.

I will be teaching an 11-week poetry class for the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program beginning on Wednesday evening, January 10, 2018. Start the New Year write (sorry, I couldn’t help myself  / I have bad punster genes). For more information, call the Writers’ Program (I believe the number is 310 825-9415) or check the UCLA Extension catalogue online. 




7 thoughts on “Upcoming Readings, Classes and Events

  1. Hello Laurel Anne ~

    It’s Marisa. ‘member me? Oh geez. It’s been too long. I’ve been living in Chicago. I am working on my resume and went to put down ‘Master Class with UCLA Extension Teacher of the Year…’and thought I’d Google it / you to find the year and look…your website!!

    It’s beautiful. I miss you and LA of course. I just wrote 2 poems this month after many ‘moons’. One is entitled “Denial” and the other “Letter to my Parents. Letter to my Lovers.”

    The poems are to accompany my art and came as a result of a writing assignment by my new Therapist. Flashback. It’s how I came to enroll in your class at UCLA…upon recommendation of my therapist in Santa Monica over a decade ago.

    Poetry is the best. Even though with much resistance and no intention I’m simultaneously working on a screenplay. Dialogue just started popping out of me in 2009. Don’t ask.

    I live down the street from the new Chicago Poetry Foundation. I hope to hear you read for us here in Chi. You bet I’d grab a front row seat and it’d be great to reconnect.

    Happy Holidays ~ Happy Hannakah ~ Xo Marisa Dhanasene

  2. Dear Marisa,

    Of course I remember you. And it warms the cockles of my heart to hear that you are still creating. I hope that the new year
    will bring you all that you could wish for. I’m finishing up my new book, due in 2016 from Red Hen Press (New and Selected Poems
    1970-2014). And keep slinging those words for me too.


    Laurel Ann

  3. Hello! My name is Jasmine Cacho, and I wanted to get in contact with you to ask you a few questions for a school project. I go to Cal State Fullerton and we’re working on a class project about California poets. If you could please send me an email, I’ve searched for yours but could not find a way to contact you. My email is jcacho1991@csu.fullerton.edu. Thank you!

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