I’m back in the saddle again…

It is 90 plus degrees in Santa Monica today, edging towards an unbelievable 100. I am grateful to the god of air conditioning and my landlord who gave me one for my living room. It is so hot today (and apparently will be tomorrow as well) that when I open my door a furnace blast assaults me.  Are we in hell or what??

Yesterday, I went to a memorial service for Austin Strauss at Beyond Baroque.

It had been difficult to separate him from his wife, Wanda Coleman, who died about five years ago. Indeed, they were forever welded together in many peoples’ minds: WandaandAustin. We said it one breath.

It feels like I am beginning to lose quite a few people in my life at this time. Next March I will be 68 years old. The last time I looked I was 36. In the words of Dr. John: How did I get to be Soooo Old and Soooooo Funky!!?  The years run so quickly. Here it is, almost Christmas again… time to get ready for the infamous Bogen Holiday Party. Stressful (for me) but fun too.

I decided to have the party (come rain or come shine) because of our political situation, the  horrible Republican leadership, and the uncertainty of what the future might bring. I began teaching my master class in 1989 and every year since then I have had a Holiday Party for my master class students. Several have told me that they are counting on this tradition. A touchstone that is there even if the Baloney in Chief is still in office. I cannot / will not let them down.

This discussion has left me hot under my collar — ’twill end now. And good night.

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