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Laurel Ann Bogen is the author of 11 books of poetry and short fiction including Washing a Language,Fission,The Last Girl in the Land of the Butterflies,The Burning, Do Iguanas Dance, Under the Moonlight? and Rag Tag We Kiss. Her latest book, Psychosis in the Produce Department: New and Selected Poems 1975-2015, is published by Red Hen Press. Some of the poems include QR codes that link to audio files of select poems. For more information, contact Red Hen Press.

From 1996 until 2002 she was literary curator at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, where she coordinated the Writers in Focus poetry series and co-authored a grant sponsored by Poets & Writers, linking the museum’s education department with Beyond Baroque Literary/Arts Center to create a writers-in-residence program. She has been an instructor of poetry and performance for the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program since 1990 and received the Outstanding Instructor of the Year in Creative Writing in 2008. Selected “Best Female Poet/Performer” by the L.A. Weekly in their Best of L.A. issue she is well-known for her lively readings and is a founding member of the acclaimed poetry performance troupe, Nearly Fatal Women.

Bogen has read/performed in venues as diverse as Cornell University, The Savannah College of Art and Design, The Knitting Factory (NYC), The DA Center for the Arts, The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro-Rail), The Museum of Contemporary Art and LACE. The recipient of the Curtis Zahn Poetry Prize from the Pacificus Foundtion and two awards from the Academy of American Poets, her work has appeared in over 100 literary magazines and anthologies including The Misread City, California Poetry From The Gold Rush to the Present, The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, Stand-Up Poetry: An Expanded Anthology, The Maverick Poets, Poetry Loves Poetry, Grand Passion, Gargoyle, Rattapallax, Pearl, Solo, Bakunin, Yellow Silk, Mississippi Mud, Jacaranda Review, Los Angeles Times and Chiron Review.

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  2. Hey there Laurel Ann– your new site looks great. Thanks for the heads up so we fans can stay tuned in to upcomings events.

  3. LONE STARS Poetry Magazine publishing contemporary poets and their poetry since 1992.

  4. Ms. Bogen I came across your name in an article written about Ms. Wanda Coleman. I recently blogged about meeting Ms. Coleman at a reading at a time when I was embarking on my writing career. As her friend I think you might like my little story. She always meant a great deal to me and I regret never thanking her.
    All the best,
    Emmanuel Burgin

  5. Thank you. I would like to see the story. Wanda was very generous with her time and support of young poets and writers. I’m sure she would be pleased to know how she impacted you. Laurel Ann

  6. Laurel — I’d love to feature your wonderful poem, The Vocation of the Chair, on Capital and Main. It’s an online magazine that has a poetry feature. I’ve attached the link. Best, Jessica

  7. We had a mutual friend in the 90’s, Richard Swift, and he gave me a copy of The Burning. I devoured it. Richard tried to describe you to me and, he said, me to you. He laughed about it because he said he could not imagine two more different people. I retread The Burning and wondered how that could be.

    Sadly, Richard passed a few years ago but we had grown apart. Our friendship was based on a connection through Ballet Lubbock; he was the director for a while and my girlfriend at the time was a board chairman. But we enjoyed Richards company and I think he was a little intrigued by a big bluff very straight West Texan that liked to read everything from physics explanations by Freeman Dyson to contemporary poets.

    Anyway, I was searching for a quote I like by Loren Eisley, a late night treasure hunt of my own, and came across your name. Hope you don’t mind my sharing a few memories and you remember Richard fondly, as do I.

  8. Dear Mike, Thank you for your kind message. Of course I remember Richard and, like you, with much fondness. I did not know he had passed on — he was a very dear soul and a true lover of the arts. I was blessed by his love of poetry and, because of him, I was invited to read for the Austin Writers’ League. I’m sending him some Bogen Poetry Mojo even as I write this now. And with my very best regards from Los Angeles

  9. Laurel, THANK YOU THANK YOU for your stunning readings at the Red Hen concert this last week at Boston Court. I was deeply moved and excited for this introduction to your work. Have any of your poems been set to music? How do you feel about it? You clearly “sing” all your poems and carefully consider phrasing, pacing, and arc—just like lieder!
    all the best,
    –Russell (one of the composers included in the same concert)

  10. Dear Russell, Thank you so very much for your kind and generous words. Except for once many many many years ago, (that is a lot of many’s)
    no, none of my work has been set to music. I consider myself a poetry evangelist, however, and anything or anyway I can
    broaden the outreach for poetry I am always up for.


    Laurel Ann
    310 979-9128

  11. L.A.B.:

    I remember you from as far back as Austin Strauss’ reading series at the old Felepe De Neve library, George Sand Books on Melrose, and the Women’s Building. For the last year or so, I’ve been trying to track down the piece which I recall was from “The Projects” which was either titled, or referred to, “Linda X, Girl Attorney” (because we may have known someone in common, twenty-five years or so ago, who I actually called “Linda X, Girl Attorney”, and I’ve just gotten back in touch with her) Will it be in the upcoming anthology?

  12. Dear Richard, Thank you for your email. Although I will be publishing parts of The Projects (now being called The Illuminati Projects) in the collection, that particular piece is not one of them. FYI, the Linda X Girl Attorney of question was Linda Moreno Kofahl. No longer in touch with her. Do not know what she is up to.If you want to get a copy of that piece, I think you can probably find a used copy of The Projects on some used book site — even Amazon.com or abebooks.

    Good luck and thanks for thinking of me.

    Best regards,

    Laurel Ann

  13. Just found this note from you. Sorry to take a long time to answer it. (Just found it, natch). I rarely read it. However, my new book, out in April will have it in it since it covers my best work from 1975-2015. Thanx for asking.

    Do you still read “Saturday night any the boys are out?”


  14. Last time I heard Kate Braverman was living somewhere like New Mexico.

    p.s. I’m still alive. Whatever happened with Kate Braverman.


  15. Hi Laurel – I knew you back in the 70’s and 80’s. Then I stopped writing to concentrate on my career as a psychologist. The words started flowing again a few years ago. One poem led to another and in May 2015, Mayapple Press published my book, What Snakes Want. You can see a bit about the resurrected poet in me on http://www.kitashantiris.com. I’d love to get in touch with you. My email is below. My cell is 310 600-1025. – Kita Shantiris

  16. Hi Laurel Ann

    I accidentally lost all my contacts in my phone, and don’t have your number. When you have time, shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from you. (And find out when I can get your new book! I am unsure of the actual release date.) I hope that you are well. Much love to you.

  17. As a result of taking your class, I have learned that I cannot be as easily satisfied with what I write as I used to be. More thought and more editing are a must.

    Thank you.

  18. Dear Sylvia, My site has been down (unbeknownst to me) for quite some time — I just now got it up again. In any event,
    keep writing. And read all the poetry books you can.

    Take care,

    Laurel Ann

  19. Hi Laurel Ann,
    Thanks much for the Christmas culture fest chez your abode. And for the sweet Santa-surfer – I have the perfect palm plant place for it! Being the beast of burden for Linda has it’s advantages, and I am glad that I got to accompany her to your salon. Best wishes to you!
    Frank Lutz.

  20. Hi Laurel Ann,

    Brooks Roddan here. Just read Bill Mohr’s blog about your new book: outstanding. I’m in Portland OR for a couple of weeks and will make a trip to Powell’s to see if they carry it—and if not I’ll raise hell and find a place to buy it elsewhere. Best to you…

  21. Dear Brooks, Forgive my tardiness in returning your note. I just received it. Thank you for your kind words. We need for people like you and Bill in the world.
    Or at least, I do. Thanx for taking the time to get in touch. Take care. Laurel Ann p.s. I hope you like the book.

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