The Last Girl in the Land of the Butterflies

Abandoned by my life
I take flight
from the city of angels
in a cataclysm of vivid hues
cry and shriek of sirens
call me to lift my feet and eyes
from the ground

where once I wasted away
in the silent shadow of a stop light
thin thin painful silhouette
hollow chest so shallow
I could not even breathe
sliver of self
disappearing in inky darkness

I fell and fell and fell asleep
until I could only fall
from the grace I never knew
in this lifetime
a tethered cocoon
muffled sobs leaking from midnight pipes
il purgatorio

and the clouds passed over the moon, yes

and then I opened my arms
and then I opened my eyes
and then I opened my heart

Now I stretch my webbed fingers
to the splintered sky and see wings of color
cross before me in the cobalt night

hold them close
hold them to me

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